Gainesville Home Siding – installation, replacement, and repair. The exterior of your home can take quite a beating. Over the years, elements such as rain, wind, sun, or pests can damage your home’s siding. Depending on what the siding material is made of, your home’s siding can be subject to water damage, UV damage, and pests such as termites. Rotting, cracking, termite damage and other factors can determine the lifespan of your home’s siding. Also, if you have not maintained your home siding by painting, sealing, or having it inspected on a regular basis, it may be time to replace that old siding. 



Gainesville Hardie Board

We are a Certified James Hardie “Hardie Plank” Installer

Gainesville Home Siding

The siding of your home does more than protect you from the elements, it also improves the value and beauty of your home, and may help with your homeowner insurance rates as well! But not all siding is created equal. Gainesville Remodel recommends Hardie Board fiber siding for home siding installation and replacement. If your home has older siding materials such as T-111 or wood, replacing it with James Hardie Board fiber-cement siding will be an investment in the value of your home. Hardie Board siding provides protection by locking in color pigmentation and holds its color up to three times longer than siding that is made from wood and other wood composites. This drastically decreases the need for scraping and painting your home’s siding every few years. 

In addition, Hardie Board home siding can withstand winds up to 150 miles per hour and has a 30-year warranty. If your home has older siding such as T-111, wood, or wood composite, you should consider upgrading to Hardi plank siding by using James Hardie Board siding, since your home is a big investment and you want to protect it.

Why choose Gainesville Remodel and Hardie Board fiber siding?

  • No payments for 6 months – No down payment required.
  • A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.
  • 30-year warranty.
  • Distinguished as a top remodeler in the USA – 2011.
  • Real wood-grain look and feel.
  • Easily painted/Impregnated painted siding.


Find out more about the advantages of James Hardie Board fiber-cement siding. Gainesville Remodel can help you give your home lasting value and integrity. We can be reached by calling the number below or by sending us an email.


CGC 1527839 – State Certified General Contractor