10 Tips to Attain a Zen Office Space

10 Tips to Attain a Zen Office Space

10 Tips to attain a Zen Office Space – Today’s guest blog is by The Chandra Law Firm LLC. The opinions expressed by the author in this and all guest blogs are not necessarily those of Gainesville Remodel.


Zen Office Space

10 Tips to Attain a Zen Office Space


The workplace should be a space where your mind and body are relaxed. This is important to focus on day-to-day tasks and be productive, without feeling drained and stressful. Unfortunately, many offices today do not offer a healthy working environment; unsurprisingly, that leads to low output, bad repute, and a high employee turnover. If the people working in the office are unsatisfied or on the verge of a mental breakdown, the business is going to suffer just as much.

Creating a Zen office space is beneficial to your business, as it will ward off health issues and worker’s compensation claims. Here are ten ways to establish an optimum working environment and boost business productivity:

1. Embrace Minimalism

In the modern era, less is more. Spacious, organized, and neat rooms are easy on the eyes and increase mobility. When planning office interior, keep it simple and subtle. Congested and gaudy work spaces are a suffocating nuisance. They create obstacles and cause too many distractions, which only add to workload stress, as well as excuses for workplace injuries.

2. De-Clutter

Minimalism is not limited to office interior; employee desk and computer layout also needs to reflect the concept. The main screen should not be covered in document and app icons. Similarly, your work station should not look like a junkyard full of office supplies. The mess creates confusion, promotes wastage of time, and causes frustration. Organize documents in files by date or priority, and keep your desk vacant by using it for a few everyday essentials only.

3. Make it Bright and Airy

The more natural light and air flowing through the office, the better. If your business hours are during daytime, try to maximize utilization of sunlight. Draw the blinds/curtains, and perhaps open the windows if the weather is pleasant outside. Artificial heating/cooling systems must provide optimum airflow and ventilation in every part of the office. An uncomfortable temperature, stuffiness, dim lighting, and dampness are red flags.

4. Relaxing, yet Stimulating Color Scheme

Too much of bright colors (like yellow, red, and orange) are distracting and too much of dark/dull shades (like black, grey, and brown) are depressing. Light, vibrant, and neutral colors like medium blue hues, muted green, and pastel lavender are a few good options for wallpaper/wall paint. The stark background can be accentuated with a few vociferous pieces, such as a vivid abstract painting or a framed quotation in bold font and color. Therefore, a combination of dull and vibrant pigments makes a relaxing, yet stimulating color scheme.

5. Bring in Comfortable Chairs and Couches

Consider ergonomics when purchasing workplace furniture. Employees are going to spend most of their time chained to the desk, so their seat should be able to provide a fair amount of comfort. Work chairs should be adjustable to fit the needs of different employees. Allow access to comfortable couches for relaxing during break times. Providing a safe and comfortable working environment is an important aspect of employment law.

6. Aromatherapy

An essential oils diffuser in the workplace is great for promoting calmness. The soothing scents will keep the employees stress-free, reduce fatigue, and moisten the air.

7. Water Aesthetic

The aesthetic of flowing water reverberates serenity and tranquility. An artificial waterfall outside the office window, a portable fountain, or an indoor aquarium are recommended for Zen vibes.

8. Live and Green Elements

Artificial foliage may look like the real deal and not need maintenance, but it cannot compare with live green plants. A few real potted plants are not just visually pleasing, but also improve oxygen levels in the workplace; as a result, employees will feel rejuvenated throughout the day.

9. Personal Touch

Employees feel most at ease when they add a personal touch to their work station. They can make their cubicle more warm and inviting by decorating it with something special of their own. For example, this personal item could be a framed picture of a loved one, or the figurine of a favorite fictional character.

10. De-stress Exercises

One or two brief sessions of collaborative de-stress exercises on a daily basis are wonderful for everyone’s health and wellbeing. This could be ten minutes of yoga/meditation, an outdoor stroll, or a tea break where everyone talks about things outside of work.


10 Tips to Attain a Zen Office Space