Home Restoration Or Home Renovation

Home Restoration Or Home Renovation

Home Restoration Or Home Renovation – Today’s guest blog is by Velazquez Consumer Law. The opinions expressed by the author in this and all guest blogs are not necessarily those of Gainesville Remodel.

Home Restoration Or Home Renovation

Home Restoration Or Home Renovation

Time is the only constant and it urges us to move forward. Nothing is eternal – people age, beauty fades, and attitudes change. Houses are no different because the materials deteriorate; a place once called ‘home’ begins to resemble a fiasco. Consider yourself lucky if you own a piece of Real Estate, regardless of the physical conditions. Just like make-up or plastic surgery can transform an off-putting face, restoration or renovation can transform a hideous space into a beautiful one. Whether you recently bought a timeworn house or inherited one from your ancestors, you may have considered having some work done to make it look like a home again. Thus, the question is: Will you opt for ‘Home Restoration’ or ‘Home Renovation’?

What is Home Restoration?

If the house you are looking at is an iconic creation of a different era, home restoration may sound like a suitable approach. Restoration implies that you don’t want to change anything about the house, but wish to return it to its original and functional condition. Houses that were built in another century have unique architecture and features, which are worth preserving. Someone who honors historical value and appreciates old-fashioned whims will strive to reinstate the home’s glory because exchanging it for something contemporary might be considered by some to be a criminal offense. Of course, we are joking about it being a real criminal offense.

The restoration project may include:

  • Minimum carpentry and polish to refurbish the woodwork
  • Repairing doors and windows (replacing faulty hinges or broken parts)
  • Floor finishing to match the original color and texture
  • Fixing internal issues, such as electricity and plumbing
  • Replacing defective products with replicas

What is Home Renovation?

Home renovation is a good option when nothing about the present state of an old house appeals to you. Perhaps the place looks rundown or you prefer designs that are more progressive. Renovation is all about stripping off the outdated elements and going for an entirely new look. Depending on your budget, you can convert the house into something completely different inside and outside. The upgraded home may demonstrate a state-of-the-art approach or your personal style and creativity. The renovation project may include:

  • Replacing the floors
  • Changing the color schemes
  • Switching appliances, window treatments, and woodwork
  • Installing new doors and windows
  • Additional construction or partial demolition

The Middle Road

Sometimes it’s hard to go for a complete makeover. Replacing everything can be impractical or extremely expensive, so you need a neutralized solution. Maybe you want to keep some of the old stuff, but also crave for a modern touch. If you find yourself in that situation, go ahead and merge restoration with renovation. You can restore the parts you like and replace the rest with fresh elements that blend in.

You can change the paint and lighting to match the existing theme or simply add items that complement the overall décor. However, you need to establish a balance between restoration and renovation, as too much contrast may promote haphazardness. At the end of the day, your efforts must pay off. The place that initially looked like a mess should develop into the house of your dreams.