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Why a Custom Home is Better than a Spec Home

Why a Custom Home is Better than a Spec Home

Why a Custom Home is Better than a Spec Home – Today’s guest blog is by Cianchetta & Associates. The opinions expressed by the author in this and all guest blogs are not necessarily those of Gainesville Remodel.

Custom Home

Why a Custom Home is Better than a Spec Home

Buying your own home is a big decision and one of the most awaited events in a lifetime. We all hope to find our dream home and the journey is nothing less than a roller coaster ride. There is a lot to consider between location, size, design, and Estate Planning. Many people opt for spec homes because it allows them to move in immediately.

Spec homes are a convenient option and ideal for individuals who are not particularly ‘picky’ when it comes to construction and interior design. When you are getting a house with a mortgage, it is important to be familiar with the Mortgage Law in that area. The down payment and installments must be within your budget because you want to keep this property in your name.

It is common practice to visit at least a dozen houses to compare and select the best one. The layout of one house may stand out, but the neighborhood may not meet your expectations. Another house could be situated at the perfect location, but the rooms are not spacious and the interior is not what you desire. Some houses exceed your budget and others might disappoint you one way or another. If you are not willing to settle for something that only partially satisfies you, then a custom-built home is what you need.

It is highly unlikely that a prebuilt house will offer everything you have imagined or desired. They may not have the same warranty as a custom home and may have several hidden flaws. Only after moving in and living there for a while, you realize all the repairs and maintenance it requires. When you decide on a custom home, you will be able to design the home you want.

Materializing your dream house is a time-consuming process, but the outcome is worth the money and effort. You can choose everything from building materials to finishing touches, including home appliances. What you create will be irreplaceable, brand new, and optimized to your tastes. As everything comes together in accordance with your plan, you can forget about renovation and fixes in the near future.

People might tell you that custom building is too much work and costs more than a standard readymade home, but that’s not the case. In fact, a custom home would cost less because you have the opportunity to personally select everything yourself. You can say goodbye to overpriced, poor quality or defective products.

A custom-built house offers greater freedom for location. You just have to find a piece of property in your preferred locality and you’re good to go. It is up to you if you want to include a basement, a second floor, or a garage or any additional living areas. You can request an open kitchen, a sunroom, a bigger storage facility, and even a secret space with an obscured entrance.

Most existing standard built homes have a monotonous theme, and all rooms look pretty much the same. With custom building, you can get creative and give every room an exclusive look and feel. Different family members can design their designated space the way they wish; every room can have an alternative floor plan and color scheme. By the end of the project, you will be happy you decided on a custom-built home.