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What does your Home Decor say about You?

What does your Home Decor say about You?

What does your Home Decor say about You? – Today’s guest blog is by the Law Office of Kelly Peterson. The opinions expressed by the author in this and all guest blogs are not necessarily those of Gainesville Remodel.

What does your Home Decor say about You?

The way our home looks from the inside and the outside is a reflection of our personality. While the interior of a house speaks volumes, the exterior is no less important. Not everyone is allowed into your home, so by passers will judge a book by its cover. If your home does not tell your story, I’m guessing that you did not put enough effort into making it your own. Most homeowners treat their living space like a canvas; they utilize it to express their creativity and disposition. Your home is meant to be the place where you feel the most relaxed and contented. At the end of the day, everyone shall be inclined to say that there is no place like home!

The size of the house is an immediate indicator of wealth; people living in large villas and bungalows are assumed rich, whereas people residing in smaller or compact houses are placed under the middle class category. If a mansion looks unkempt or plain from outside, it shall not attract much attention. On the other hand, a garlanded one is bound to be the target of every stranger’s envy. A home that has a trimmed lawn, a stoned/tiled path and fancy street lamps upfront will provide the impression of a welcoming family. The presence of a lot of greenery, vegetable/fruit plantation, a roof garden, and solar panels may indicate a sustainable lifestyle.

The appearance of doors and windows also suggest a lot about you. Dark and bold colors like red or green convey that the residents are youthful, and adventurous. Traditional doors like white or natural wood colored ones represent maturity, classiness, and elegance. Larger windows are often associated with artists and philosophers; smaller windows are considered to be more practical, but impartial. If blinds, drapes, or curtains constantly cover your windows, it implies that you prefer a private life. A fence around the house and warnings of a security system show that you possess deep concern for your security. It is certainly smart to protect oneself from violent crimes like stalking and burglary.

However, many choose to keep their glass windows unobstructed. These people enjoy the natural sunlight and are not afraid to be seen. An intriguing indoor view of your house from the street might come across as ‘attention seeking’. Nowadays, a lot of people share intimate details of their daily lives on social media, so a transparent house seems fitting for them.

Spacious rooms and an open layout propose that your family likes spending ample time together. A house with a greater number of doors makes the observer believe that the residents have private lives and do not appreciate interference from each other. If the living room and dining area has plentiful seating, the homeowner is seen as a social person; you probably have friends over all the time or frequently plan a family get-together.

Neutral or pastel colored walls portray grace and tenderness. Bright or deep shades can make you come across as loud and daring. A great deal of wall art, colorful rugs, and decorative ornaments tend to make a space look cozy and fancy. A home that only contains basic furniture and items of necessity is the definition of minimalism.

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